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How to Book:

There are two ways that you can book: You can either contact us directly to confirm the details and then we can book it for you. This way works best if you know well in advance that you would like to book at a certain time. Or you can contact the Whistler Blackcomb Snow School yourself and simply ask to book your private lesson with whoever you'd like. Make sure to ask for the instructor you'd like by name.

Either way all lessons go through the Snow school. If there are any problems booking, don't hesitate to contact us. If it turns out we are already booked we may be able to either suggest something else or recommend another instructor.

To contact the Whistler Blackcomb Snow School call: 1.800.766.0449


Half Day Private Lesson (3 Hours):

Full Day Private Lesson (6 Hours): $899

All prices subject to 5% GST.

Jeannie and Chris work directly for the Whistler Blackcomb Ski School. They do not have any control over prices and all lesson must be booked through the ski school.


Contact Jeannie

Jeannie Chisholm can be reached at: 604.966.4978 (cell phone) (email)

Contact Chris

 Chris Kaipio can be reached at: 604.935.4705 (cell phone) (e-mail)